In so many cases fact check articles, along with the entire fact-checking scheme, no longer provide the service of logically checking facts, but rather fill a position as a well-oiled cog in the propaganda production machine.

Fact Checks Have Become Editorials With a Very Intended Purpose

The original intended purpose of a fact-checking article was to ascertain the veracity of…

Whenever a controversial decision is made by a court you can rest assured that the news media will find a way to misrepresent the decision in an attempt to misinform the public. It happens every time without fail.

On the twenty-fifth of November the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania dismissed a petition for review filed by a group of Republican legislators.

The Court described the petition in their order:

Petitioners filed the petition for review in Commonwealth Court on November 21, 2020, setting forth a facial challenge to those…

Adam Speaking

Political writer and podcaster focused on critical thinking and media deconstruction free from Left/Right political bias.

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