In so many cases fact check articles, along with the entire fact-checking scheme, no longer provide the service of logically checking facts, but rather fill a position as a well-oiled cog in the propaganda production machine.

Fact Checks Have Become Editorials With a Very Intended Purpose

The original intended purpose of a fact-checking article was to ascertain the veracity of a particular “fact,” or claim in an article. But it seems editors have decided to change the definition of fact-checking in order to justify publishing any number of editorial opinions as a fact checks.

However, if we’re being honest, what’s the point of having a fact-checking column if it’s merely…

Whenever a controversial decision is made by a court you can rest assured that the news media will find a way to misrepresent the decision in an attempt to misinform the public. It happens every time without fail.

On the twenty-fifth of November the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania dismissed a petition for review filed by a group of Republican legislators.

The Court described the petition in their order:

Petitioners filed the petition for review in Commonwealth Court on November 21, 2020, setting forth a facial challenge to those provisions of Act 77 of 2019, establishing universal mail-in voting in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Petitioners sought a declaration that the aforementioned provisions were unconstitutional and void ab initio, and injunctive relief prohibiting the certification of the results of the General Election held on November 3, 2020. …

Social media’s attempts to prevent people from viewing, or taking seriously, information regarding allegations of election fraud have entered a whole new territory of censorship and has led to a doubling of users on alternative social media platforms and increased polarization. What does this mean for the future of the Unite States?

Twitter Suspends State Senator’s Account Under Dubious Claim that His Account Appeared to be an Impersonation

Twitter Suspended Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano’s twitter account on Friday (Nov 25 th) After Senator Mastriano held senate hearings to explore evidence of election fraud presented by Trump’s legal team.

Twitter later rescinded the decisions claiming it was in “error.” Twitter stated that they originally thought the…

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